Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Thanksgiving reflections

I've been bust at the bench actually. Painting on the Roundhead is going well. I have started the painting on the 1st SSF fellows. I will be leading a portion of a group project on Timelines. The subject is groundwork and I will be doing an urban scene. Inspired by the work of Greg Difranco, I am considering painting my 1st SSF diorama as if it were happening by moonlight. It's a bold move for me and I may abandon the idea if a step doesn't go well. We shall see. Expect a couple of figure reviews soon also for Timelines.

This is the first Thanksgiving in the last several years that my wife hasn't had to work. During this period, as a family, we would eat dinner at the hospital where she worked. She's in a new postion now and we were able to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It was a blessing. My cousins and I also divided my late Aunt's Christmas ornaments. That brought back many memories and several laughs.

Monday, November 13, 2006

November already!

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted.

Veteran's day has passed, happy Veteran's day to all the Vets out there.

Folks, I'm told our WWII Vets are leaving us at the rate of 1000/day. I went to the visitation of an old friend's Grandfather. This kind of drove the point home to me. He was a WWII veteran. The funeral was to include an Honor Guard. I was sorry that I couldn't attend.

Workbench update. I have finished the sculpting on the victim of a knife attack for my diorama of the Devil's Brigade. I have resculpted an ECW Roundhead. Painting has begun on the ECW and the 1st SSF figures. My friend Paul Kernan sent me a link the other day regarding a reality show they're broadcasting in Cananda. It's about the 1st SSF. I gather it's a lot like our PBS reality shows. Modern folks are plugged into situations of the past. What a great show that'll be. Maybe we'll get some version of it.