Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finishing up some commissions

Here are a couple of commissions that I've been sitting on for nearly a year. The Samurai is for someone I work with, and the OIF Marine is for a friend of my Mother. Getting both of these done should have happened about six months ago.

I've gotten a bit done on the cigar box gumshoe. I have the setting nearly complete. It's now down to painting the figure. I took on a commission to paint Andrea's Billy the Kid. My goal is to have it done for Atlanta. The Gumshoe should be done by then as well. I should have a fair display for Atlanta this year, providing I can get the Samurai's owner to allow me to take it with me.

I've been reading "Kill Bin Laden" by Dalton Fury. I saw his interview on 60 minutes and decided that it would be worth reading. It's a first person account of the SF operations on Tora-Bora by the Delta operator that was the commander of all Special Forces in the region during that period. It's written in pretty plain language and you get an inkling of an idea of what these fellows are made of. I may sculpt/convert a Delta operator in 54mm soon if the inspiration lasts long enough.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting some work done

You can see above the cigar box gumshoe I have going. I want to create an Edward Hopper mood with my Raymond Chandler style character. I have a couple of other ideas for this dude that I may or may not use. It's my goal to have this done in time for Atlanta. I should get some time off from work soon that will facilitate the studio time.

I have a commission that is coming to a close. I'm painting one of the Pegaso Samurai for someone at work. It's going pretty well. I find painting the lace a challenge in meticulous detail. Some of the lace isn't well molded and a bit of knowledge and imagination is required. I'll post photos when it's completed.

If you read the comments on this blog, you'll see my Mother is on my a** to get a piece finished for her. I've had it in progress for a long time (too long, sorry Maude). It's a modern Marine. She intends it as a gift for a friend whose son is serving in Iraq. I completed the flesh portions yesterday. I hope to have it finished in about four weeks. I'm not looking forward to painting the digital camouflage though.