Monday, March 17, 2008

A couple of photos to show what's been going on in the studio. I finished the Continental Marine. It was sold to John Gossage and the proceeds given to the Artist's Preservation Group. John has bought some of my best work over the years. I have started painting the figure for a small vignette I've had going for a while. I had the idea in mind, but the composition was a little evasive. I finally worked out the right backdrop and can proceed. In the photo is the head for the project. It's from Hornet and they really are the best out there. I have used the technique outlined in Danillo Cartacci's book. I really like the results from this technique and will continue to improve at it. I have noticed that it's difficult for me to adapt it to anything other than a perfectly sculpted face though.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Getting over the hump & AMFS thoughts

The Atlanta show is a week old as of this writing. The club there really does a class A job with organizing a show. The hospitality suite was a busy good time this year. This is a bit in contrast with years past. At times in the past the AMFS hospitality suite has been a little quiet for my taste. I suppose I'm used to the Tulsa way of doing things, where we have two big parties around the show. At any rate, I had a great time, had several drinks with friends and just as many laughs. I had buy some reading glasses to view the figures properly. I paint with an opti-visor so glasses aren't a necessity for modeling. I noticed that in regular situations that I couldn't focus on figures at a distance that allowed me to see detail properly. So, I gave in to aging and bought some off the shelf reading glasses. I guess I'll keep them packed in my show box to wear at shows. I noticed this happening somewhat at the last MMSI show. So, that was my last show without glasses.

I got back with a pocketful of inspiration. I got out a handful of in progress work and tried to figure out what I could get done for Tulsa in June. I have a nice little scene of a US paratrooper(a favorite subject) sharing a snack with a timid shell-shocked dog. I've had this project going for a few months but wasn't really able to progress appreciably. The other night I finally worked out a viable composition. It got me to thinking about what puts a project over the hump. I think for some it may be getting the face painted properly. Or for another, getting that one reference work that fulfills the last bit of curiosity. I think for me it's getting the final composition to the point that I can see the final work in my head. Once I get to this point, a project gains the proper momentum and I find that I even become somewhat obsessive about getting it finished. So this week, I'll be making some progress on that particular piece of work and hopefully have some photos to share by next week.