Saturday, March 19, 2011

Workbench update

Workbench update; I continue on the USS Constitution, but that has stalled a little while I wait for a base to be made. I'll work on the next one or two Marines in the coming days. I knocked out a 1/24 scale Martini/Henry mk.I in plastic for a future Thunderbird Miniatures release. I love building with plastic. In the photo is my "Surrounded!" diorama. I was going to finish the fellow with the m1 to display singly while I finished the rest. I've decided against this and instead I'll forge ahead with finishing it all before I display any of it. As I pointed out on TimeLines, a lot of thought has gone into the composition. Hopefully the viewer will sense the desperate straits these soldiers have found themselves in. The only question I have left regarding setting the scene is whether or not to go ahead with a dead enemy soldier that would be buried in the rubble.