Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little sculpting

I seem to be getting a little bit of drive left now that I have the Alamo Scouts diorama out of the way. I started this a while back when I was experimenting with some action poses. The mannequin was posed up before it had any identity. I decided on a comfortable subject, a Woodland Indian. Not really identified with a particular tribe, so it's just a generic mid-18th century Eastern Woodland tribe. I've also been working on getting my folds to follow lines of tension. I think I'm making some progress. I'm hoping to get some paint on it soon and get on to the next one.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tulsa Show

Well another Tulsa show is in the record books. It was a great weekend. The new Tulsa Medalist was Jason Green. He was also the recipient of the Best of Show, and Outstanding Exhibitor awards. Jason has been turning out Gold Medal work as long as I've known him. Recently he made a flawless transition to acrylics and his output has probably increased by a factor of five. My good friend Rusty Nail was there and won Gold as well for his very well done Boris, the werewolf. Anders Heintz had very nice display of Gold medal work as well. Tulsa local, Bob Davis pulled off a Hat Trick winning Gold Medals in all of the main categories. I was happy to have received a Gold in Open and Painters. My Alamo Scouts diorama was well received it seemed. A good time was had by all, and I can hardly believe the weekend passed so quickly. My show weekend was capped with a visit to Kimmy's across from the hotel for breakfast with the locals and the TX crowd.

Here's a link to a site devoted to the Alamo Scouts for your edification.