Monday, February 23, 2009

Post Atlanta Decompression

I just got in today from Atlanta. What a great job this club does running a show. I had a great time as usual. I hooked up with old friends, checked out some amazing miniature art, and generally had a good time. It was great to see Marion and Alan again. Mike Blank made it over again as well. It's always a treat to see work from across the Atlantic. Everything went great this year even as the club had to recover from an error in the room setup. It seems the wrong risers were delivered for the tables. This caused a two hour delay in setup for the display area. The folks in the club pulled together and rolled with the punches with usual aplomb. There were plenty of excellent displays at this year's show. I was struck by Joe Hudson's work. My good friend Anders Heintz had some excellent scratch-built figures on display. I wish I was as accomplished at such an early age. Rod Curtis had some excellent work as well. Several of the Grand Masters of the Atlanta show were present and displayed some of the best work present I have to say. Jason Greene won this year's Best of Show with his rendition of Elite's Crusader Knight. Jason's display was very impressive, and all of his work was of the highest quality. It's a rare event when a stock painted piece wins BoS. When that happens, it speaks to the quality of the piece. The Atlanta show is also and chance for me to visit with family. My brother and his family live in nearby Woodstock. For the last two years my Mother has made the trek with me and taken the opportunity to see her Granddaughters. All of us went out to dinner on Sunday afternoon to The Gondolier, my local favorite. I only get to see my brother and his family a couple of times a year. We had a terrific time together. The ride home is always about an hour too long, but the trip is worth it. A great weekend. Photos later.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I went to a HMSNEO meeting the other night. It's always nice to see the gang. It surprises me sometimes that I used to visit about 2/3 of the time. Now it's about once a quarter. Gas has gotten a little more affordable, so the trek isn't such a financial burden lately. It was the annual swap-meet, but I didn't sell anything. I did get to show off some of my work, and look at some of the work brought by other members. We have a talented bunch. Me and another new acquaintance visited the modeling club that meets at Hobbytown in Branson one Sunday a month. This is a promising group. Interests are diverse, and everyone there is enthusiastic. There was a brief show and tell period, and then general discussion. Our hosts are very accommodating and friendly. I'm looking forward to Atlanta in a few days. It will be a good show, and it'll be great to see old friends as well as my brother and his family.

I'm working on some neat stuff right now. I have been building some ACW revolvers to use in an upcoming project for Thunderbird Miniatures. Photos will come along later. They're as accurate as I can get them. And to my knowledge, they are not available from another manufacturer. I'll also be modeling a saddle for the first time in my life. That's a little intimidating I have to admit. I got some great reference material at the meeting last Friday though, thanks Kim. That's it for now.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gearing up for Atlanta

The AMFS Atlanta show is coming up soon and I'm looking forward to attending again. They always run a first class show. I should have everything on the bench completed by then. I expect to get the samurai back from my friend, this along with Billy the Kid, the Eldar Ranger, should round out my Painters display. I'll have the detective and my "Recruiting for Dog Co." piece in Open. It's more work than I've had at one show in a while. I just finished off my Frontier/Colonial rifleman. It'll be shipped off to Scott at The Lost Battalion soon.