Friday, June 17, 2011

Finishing up a side project

The photo is the continuation of the John Basilone figure I've been working on. I'll be sending it out to it's new owner soon. There are still a few details to add and quick polish and cleaning. It's been a fun and rather quick project. Getting the anatomy right on a mannequin makes for quick sculpting when it comes time to clothe it.

Still hammering away at the USS Constitution. Photos soon. I'm almost to that next step in assembly. I've been giving my airbrush a workout. I don't airbrush often, but this project has kind of demanded it. The patron has asked for light weathering. I've weathered it just enough to give it some dimension. The rigging has been a tedious at times, but I've missed the challenge of it as I work on these other elements.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Post Tulsa bench time

The Tulsa show is always over too quickly. I had a great time catching up with friends, talking shop and swapping stories. My good friend Anders was voted the new Tulsa Medalist. Well deserved I'd say. Anders is knocking out some excellent work in the last few years. His latest sculpting seminar has set the bar pretty high for any seminars to be shown in the future. Jason Green won BOS with his bust of Cornwallis. Another neat feature this year was a display of collections. Mike Meehan had several busts by Sang Eon Lee, and Anders had several figures by a handful of well recognized artists.

Workbench Update; The photo shows an in progress figure that I'm doing for another painter. It's intended to be John Basilone performing the deed that was key in winning him the CMH. I hope to be finished sculpting by the end of June.