Monday, August 10, 2009

Can a man serve two masters?

I've been bitten by the triathlon bug. Some friends are into this and my curiosity is piqued. I am a regular runner, but far from a fanatic. Swim training for the Bahamas trip I went on with my son added another element to the challenge. A bit of limited success in the pool has led to me questioning if I have a tri in me. I think I can get the biking down eventually. So if I can get over a few hurdles and stay injury free, I intend to begin training for sprint distance triathlons next year. I wonder if I'll be able to balance a busy training schedule with my main hobby. I have always been involved with sports, but nothing that required a regular commitment that I gather triathlons do. So we'll see how it goes. I think it's something I need to do. Hopefully, I'll be able to do the smart thing and take the training time from something other than the studio.

I just got back from Kansas City after a conference at the BOP Regional office. We worked out some issues toward standardizing Crisis Management Training throughout the bureau. It was kind of nice to be in the middle of this type of thing, instead of on the sidelines waiting for these things to be handed down. It was hard work, spent mostly behind a computer screen hashing out details of lesson plans and training courses.

I've been experimenting with plastic as a sculpting medium lately. I've knocked out a handful of scale weapons using mostly, or all plastic. I just finished a 1/24 scale thompson. Add that to the 1/24 garand an the 18th and 19th century muskets I've done. I think I'll be doing this more in the future. I'll be starting a plastic figure out of the box in a day or two. I think it may turn into a two figure vignette actually. We'll see.