Thursday, February 18, 2010

Balance and beating the winter Blah's

Getting my scene set. I have the figures for this scene sculpted and I'm getting ready to paint. Looking back, I wish i had composed this scene to have more interaction between the figures. I believe the scene is realistic, I just think it could be more interesting. I'm pretty happy with the scenery itself. I'm ready to move on to something new. I do have at least one figure ahead of these. I got a copy of the Union soldier that I designed for the APG on the paint bench next. Mike did a great job of casting. There are only very slight mold lines to clean up. I expect it to paint up pretty quickly. It's a pretty simple uniform. I think it's going to provide a much needed change of pace before I get into the monotony of olive drab.

I'm missing Atlanta for the first time since I started going. I plan to do MFCA this year instead. The timing for Atlanta was not too good this year. As I blogged earlier, I'm training to do a Tri-athlon or three this year and going to a show at this point was going to cause me to miss three to four days of training. MFCA's timing is better and besides I've never been.

My fears of training have come true. I find that with a lot of my free time used up with working out, I either a) don't have time or b) don't feel like modeling when I do have time. I try to do a little something every day though. That has helped me move ahead in lurches. I'm hoping that the winter gloom over the mid-west will lift in the coming weeks and my energy level will lift along with it.