Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Manning the Top

I have a couple of the sailors painted. The photo shows the one firing the Cohorn mortar. So far they paint up fairly well. I've struggled with some of the seam lines and molding on these guys. I'll be on a painting marathon until all these figures are painted. I plan to create an assembly line of sorts as I finish the Marines. At this point I have their faces painted. Tomorrow I plan to do all the trousers. Later this week I'll paint all the jackets. So on and so forth. I'm saving the Midshipman for last. There's still a bit of sculpting on this one. I'll be happy to get this one behind me. A large diorama is an endurance event. You have to learn how to appreciate the little successes that add up to a great finished product. Crossing my fingers for a Chicago finish.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fighting top complete

Just knocked out the Fighting Top to the USS Constitution. What a project. My hat is off to the designers. I was in way over my head on this thing. If it hadn't been for such a well designed kit and well written instructions, I would have been lost. I'm happy with the final result and I'm ready to move on the the figure portion. I already have one figure painted and the rest undercoated. I'm considering re-sculpting the commander. I already posed him, but I'm thinking it needs a few changes. So, between now and the MMSI show, I'll be painting, painting, painting...