Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scenic Backdrops

Here are a couple of buildings that will be included in some projects I have coming up. One is the scene of a bank robbery that will include a figure of a fleeing Pretty Boy Floyd. The other is a project to be named later. I need to get the figures worked out and finalize the setting before I commit to more than that. Both buildings are made with a substantial amount of plastic. In the case of the barracks, it's all plastic stock. The bank uses some donor parts from a Min-Art kit. The brick to be specific. I'm really amazed at the flexibility of plastic stock for creating these items. I came across this site a while back; http://whatsnew.fotki.com/bendenna// . It's Ben Jakobsen's Fotki account with a wealth of information about detailing and scratch-building. I learned a lot about working with plastic.

I'll post soon with some sculpting work. I've been busy at the bench, but haven't been very good about taking IP photos.