Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the photo is the completed groundwork for my Alamo Scouts recon vignette. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Most of all I'm pleased that it has helped me to regain my enthusiasm for this project. I had stalled out on the figures. Getting the groundwork finished has helped me to see and end to the project and I'm looking forward to having this scene populated. I did a bit of sculpting on the figures last night. I hope to do some more over the weekend.

The groundwork itself is a multi-media product. The vegetation is made up of paper products, dried flower items, photo-etch leaves, ground foam, and roots. I used epoxy putty for the rocky outcroppings and sculptamold for the earth.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the photo is a master that I donated to the APG for their fund raising efforts. I understand it should be on sale at the Atlanta show. Speaking of the Atlanta show. It looks like I'll be missing my first one in about six years (I think). I'm going to try to get to MFCA though. I've never been and I hear it's very good.

I finally had to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with my studio. It was a sty. I threw out a lot of junk and reorganized some others. I finally got back after my Alamo Scouts vignette. Getting over the hump on a project sometimes means you need to shift gears a little. Normally I finish the sculpting before I move on to the groundwork. But I've gotten a little burnt out on the figures, so decided to start the groundwork at this point. Getting the scene set will hopefully get me re-energized to get back after the figures.

Getting things done during the winter evenings is more difficult than you might think. There are no lawn chores and no lake trips, so you'd think getting in the studio would be easier. I find that in the winter I don't have as much energy and feel less like getting up out of my chair. Training for Tri-Athlons is taking some of my energy but not a lot more of my time, so that's going well enough.