Monday, April 25, 2011

More rigging and another project

I've been working on this thing quite a bit. This rigging business is t e d i o u s. It's also a pretty rewarding endeavor. Sometimes that's the way it is with learning a new skill. This thing has definitely handed me a steep learning curve. I'm less enthusiastic about the figures I have to admit. The more I work with them, the more frustrate I become. I know in the end they'll paint up just fine. My good friend and Master cabinet maker Mike made me a very nice oak base for this model. I got the mast and rigging fastened down this evening and I've been lightly weathering the mast.

I've been working JMD Models English soldier too. It's the Painter's Figure for the Tulsa show this year. I really liked the look of this figure, but I've found many things about it lacking. The sculpting is excellent,as is the detail. But the casting is not great. Not poor, but I think breaking it down into more pieces would have yielded a better casting. I decided to convert mine a bit. My wife bought me a really neat graphic novel while she was in Belgium. The character in the book fought at Ypres, and kept a journal. I've decided to model mine with a journal on his knee with a pencil in his hand. I discarded the kit head and used another from JMD. I should have photos of the figure soon.