Sunday, April 12, 2009

Steady as she goes

I haven't photographed anything to share lately. I'm working on a few things now though. A Wyatt Earp commission, a Crimean War Dragoon are on the painting bench. The only thing on the sculpting bench right now is the Bushwhacker I'm doing for Thunderbird. The painting isn't particularly challenging at this point. The sculpting is presenting a few problems to solve though. For one, it's my first mounted figure. For another, boots are very difficult for me for some dumb reason. Regardless, I'm excited about the project. I've wanted to do a Bushwhacker/Border Ruffian for a while, so when Mark said he was interested in the same thing, I jumped at the chance to do a master. I got copies of the pistols I made for him last week. The copies turned out great.

On the work front, I have to go to Crisis Management training next week. A few of us are heading out early to do a little training, and site prep. CMT this time around is in Ft. Carson CO. I think the facilities will be impressive, but the distance to travel is a little daunting. Being gone for nearly two weeks is not foremost among the things I'd like to do right now, but it will be a good session I'm sure.

On a personal/ family front, we all went to Tulsa to see Bruce Springsteen. It fulfilled a lifelong dream for me. I've been a fan of "The Boss" for over 25 years. I didn't think I'd ever get a viable, affordable chance to do it. It was a terrific show. There were a few songs that I was disappointed didn't make the set list. I heard plenty of favorites though. I'll be looking for him on the next tour. The day after the concert, we headed over to the Philbrook Museum. What a gem. There was too much to see in one day, so we'll be back one day. Art ran from ornamental garden sculpture to classical sculpture and painting to bizarre modern pieces. All of it was very inspirational.