Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pretty Boy Floyd gets away

Just finishing this project. Pretty Boy Floyd makes a getaway after knocking off a small town bank. The figure is a radical conversion from some old Warriors bits I bought. I used a Hornet head and DML Thompson. I've always wanted to do a gangster using one of the Thompsons with a drum magazine. I like the way this one turned out, especially the blue suit. I struggled with the sign for the bank. I went back and forth on a couple of different design options. I found a source for some plastic letters and this solved the problem for me. I had initially intended to have the sign lay flat against the building, but I could tell that the scene needed some element up high to help frame the figure. I didn't want to create a diorama, so creating the illusion of a downtown bank without modelling the entire building or block was a bit of a challenge. These kinds of things are intended to appear as snap shots in my opinion. I've become interested in depression era history lately, and this little project allowed me explore the clothing style of that time.

Workbench Report;

I've been working on my other two projects that I set out to finish before Atlanta; a mule skinner, and a Confederate sharpshooter. I think both are going to look pretty good when they're finished. After they're done, I've got to get back after a commission that I agreed to do. My next goal will be to finish the paratrooper vignette I started last year. I intend to do an article about the construction of it as well. I've tried to photograph as many steps and as I can break stride to take.


I've written about this before I believe. I've heard it said, "There is nothing more boring than someone else's hobby." I don't give two shits about fishing or hunting, but I find myself listening to lots of stories about both because that's what most of the folks I work with like to do with their spare time. I listen politely and sometimes I'm genuinely interested depending on the story, or storyteller. Just because I don't share their interest doesn't mean that they don't have something interesting to say. To think that what someone else likes to do to relax is a waste of time is pretty judgmental in my opinion. That's why going to shows and participating on discussion boards is so popular. They are places where like minded individuals can meet and discuss their common interest without worrying about whether or not the person you're talking to thinks it's weird that you like to paint miniature figures ("play with toys"). I find this is true regardless of the hobby. Whether it's motorcycles, hunting, fishing, or mumbly pegs, there is an interest group (real, or virtual) somewhere. All that said, don't hate on someone else's game, get one of your own.

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